How To Identify The Orisa

A step by step guide on ways to recognise your spirit guides In a heavily populated universe

Course Summary

You are a multi-dimensional being, so it follows that your spirit guides would represent different aspects of who you are. In this training we will identify each different spiritual angelic intelligence; some are orisa and others are not. We will  demystify the various ways that they help you, with blessings and or with tough love. The training will help you to recognise why certain episodes in your life keep recurring. There is also a list of key words in English and Yoruba to assist your knowledge base.

Course Curriculum

Amunet Hall

Authors Website:

Amunet Hall, is an award winning author of lessons in soul survival, which is part of a series of magical realism fables, infused with the spirits of nature. Amunet is a Presenter, a Community Libationer, and an independent researcher of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems, who is mentioned in the Book Libation: An Afrikan Ritual of Heritage in the Circle of Life by Professor Kimani Nehusi. 

Amunet is a certified Life Coach, an Awo Ifa initiate, a clairvoyant intuitive empath and is educated to masters degree level, in the academic disciplines of sociology and anthropology. Amunet has presented academic papers internationally and has also delivered training and community education in Europe (several locations in the UK), the Caribbean (several locations in Jamaica) and several locations in Africa (including Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia).

Amunet is the lead consultant of Blue Water Family Academy and has been supporting the global family with knowledge of self and the universe for several decades, as a Nature Spirituality Devotee. The training courses being developed at Blue Water Family Academy, will benefit from the spiritual technologies of the Ifa Isese tradition, as well as Amunet's ongoing research into African Indigenous Knowledge systems. Amunet reminds us that the most important lessons we can learn, are usually gained from being student teachers of life, living on earth and making the best use of our gifts and talents and sharing them with all those who will benefit and find value in what is being offered.

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