New To Nature Spiritualty?

When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Blue Water Family Academy has been created to provide help and support for students who are new to nature spirituality and also for those who are searching for more information to take their spiritual practice to the next level.

Our Purpose:
There is a growing interest in African Traditional Religions, internationally. These practices are well established in Africa and the Americas. And because of the advent of the internet, we have arrived at a phenomenon we call the global village, where we are more interconnected than ever before. Those of us who are based in Europe are also waking up to the possibility of embracing nature spirituality both as a way of life and as a way of reclaiming our life affirming African heritage, culture and traditions. Blue Water Family Academy can help with this process of cultural retention and transmission.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to create training courses and other educational products and services, to specifically, help those who want to learn more about the West African Traditional Religion known as Ifa Orisa (Orisha). This nature spirituality tradition is thousands of years old and can be found in many variations across the African continent and also in the Americas.

Our Vision:
We will be creating opportunities for students to become more confident to practice the rituals and ceremonies which beginners are aloud to do for themselves and others.

Thank you
for visiting Blue Water Family Academy. Choose from the published courses, write a review, send us your requests for what you would like to learn. We look forward to being of service.

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