Who is Orisa Olokun?

UK based New and existing students are invited to a September Day Return Staycation by the Sea, to honour Orisa AjeOlokun.

Celebrating The Change of Seasons

As you may know here at Blue Water Family, we celebrate the change of seasons four times a year, as a way of honouring the spirits of nature. This year's equinox 'sun of the middle' celebration is extra special, as we are also honouring one of the most powerful spirits of nature. 

This event is part of the 'Ask Amunet' Series

Who is Olokun?

Orisa Olokun, is the powerful deity of the deep ocean. We associate the depths of the ocean with the depths of our inner consciousness. Olokun is the recipient of all waters on earth. Olokun is the personification of wealth and abundance. Olokun is said to be the mother of Aje. Aje is money in all its forms. Olokun is enigmatic, an important reminder that not all things can be understood. We have seen what Olokun can do, seemingly unprovoked. We sometimes forget how humanity is polluting our blue planet. And yet the ocean still feeds us in more ways than one. And for all these reasons Olokun should be honoured and appeased, to ward off disasters and to show our sincere gratitude. 

Participation to the upcoming September 2022 event, is by invitation only. If you are so inclined, send us a message via the contact page, for more details and how to participate.

Join us if you can. It is time to welcome wealth and abundance to enhance your existence. It is time to invite deep healing into your life. Go ahead and take action today. Click on the link below.

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This event is part of the 'Ask Amunet' Series

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