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The Importance of Mindset Health Celebrating Community Exemplars

Winter Weather Greetings,

We have finally arrived at zero degrees here in the UK, this equals snow, frozen ice underfoot and very cold weather, which we are experiencing right now. The winter months in the northern hemisphere, are usually a great time to reflect on what needs to be completed by the end of the current cycle. It is also a good time to look ahead to what you want to achieve for the coming new cycle.

I was recently invited to share a presentation as part of 'Simon Says WOW' a husband and wife team who are WORKING ON WELLNESS for themselves and leading by example. It is always a good thing to see others doing what you want to do. And if you are serious about making changes in your life, then you may need to change your current mindset. A tall order, I know and there are leaders in their field of interest, with expertise to help you. However you must want to change and you must embrace the help and support. 

The salutation, the theme of my presentation was that:

"Thought precedes action, therefore thought is a pre-requisite to survival..." 

During the presentation a collage was shared of 13 individuals who are leading by example. A quiz was shared with the group to guess the names and professions of the individuals who are featured in the collage above. The submission date has been extended until 16th December 2022, which will be the Half Moon, and existing members of my kindred are now also invited to participate.

The Quiz

1 Name each exemplar

2 Say what they do [are known for]

3 Say where they are based [in which country]

4 Share who your top 5 exemplars are and why

Send in your answers via the contact page by clicking on the 'Get in Touch' link below.

Get in Touch

The winner will receive a FREE 121 Oracle Reading and Consultation. Have fun.

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