Humanity and Libation

Life in the visible and invisible realms

December Greetings Dear Kindred,

Just sharing that I was recently invited to open the space with a libation, at the screening of a documentary film on the origins of humanity. A libation is the pouring of a liquid and the saying of a prayer. A libation brings together those in the invisible realms and those of us here on earth. It is important to add a spiritual element to all that we do. In this way, we are reminded that we are here in the physical, having a spiritual experience.

At the event, I met some amazing people. The team are solidly behind their vision to share their message with the world and are immensely supportive of each other.

Many questions were raised from watching the documentary: as a woman of African heritage, I found the content to be gratifying, illuminating and satisfying. For example the image in this post by artist film maker Nuakai Aru, represents the first Europeans! Did you know this?

For more information See details below of how to support this life affirming initiative. The documentary film is called: Humanitree

There is a 48 hour FREE access viewing online from 3rd December 2022

For more information about becoming a libationer yourself, check out blue water family academy all access training course.

Be Well

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