Health is Wealth

How well are you looking after yourself?

In today's fast pace world, time for wellbeing is often put to the side to meet all of our obligations. If this is done on a regular basis for a prolonged period, then our relaxation time, our sleep time, our exercise time and all our other me-time activities start to pile up. This is not good and can lead to our body temple calling our attention to self care by becoming unwell. 

The best way to keep our self in balance and find peace where you stand is perhaps, to make sure that we are meeting all of our obligations to ourself first, before attempting to do anything else. When we adopt this attitude as one of our core values, our time management will become more in harmony with all who need our time and energy, including you, yourself. 

Be reminded that self care is different to being selfish. Meeting all our obligations in the spirit of Ma'at, harmony, balance and reciprocity, provides for an equitable distribution of our time, where we are the first ones to receive the benefits of our energy. 

For a number of years in contemporary times, It has been found that stress is the number one killer internationally, as reported by The World Health Organisation. For this reason, here at Blue Water Family Academy, we prioritise dealing with the stressful aspects of your lifestyle first.

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In our modern fast paced world, our expectations and those of others, in general terms, is that waiting is challenging, and immediate gratification is good. The caveat being that, It does depend on the circumstances and the maturity of the individuals in question, however what ever the situation, we all need a sustained level of concentration, to get things done and also to a good standard. For this reason, here at Blue Water Family Academy, we encourage our students to create a personal altar, in order to give structure and meaning to every sunrise in your life on earth, and in this way you will find that your focus and your concentration will improve.

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Getting enough restful sleep is crucial to our energy levels during the day. What happens when you wake up, also determines how we sustain energy levels through out our day. For example, in science, we are told that energy cannot be created or destroyed - it can only be transferred from one type to another. Here at Blue Water Family Academy, we invite our students to become libationers', a spiritual ritual which is done to acknowledge the cycle of life and the constant changes which occur from the cradle to the grave and beyond. Our energy levels are affected by how we feel about ourself and how well we are looking after ourself. Pouring a daily libation brings these two concerns together and reminds us that our energy consists of the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of our humanity.

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