Sharing Knowledge of Self and the Universe.

A new era has arrived and you are welcome to join our kindred community.

Have You Found Your Kindred Community Yet?

There are almost 8 billion souls on earth at this time. And some of us come to the realisation that we are at one with the universe, in many different ways. You may have heard the saying, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. Well the same is true for the teacher. When the teacher is called to assist a kindred group of individuals, they can either accept the responsibility or remain in their own comfort zone.

Sharing Knowledge of Self and the Universe

Blue Water Family has been serving the global family community for over a decade. Our-in person events to honour the change of season have been delivered by a consortium of authors, musicians and practitioners, who are sharing their life affirming knowledge and skills, products and services, with those who attend. Our free access blog posts have also provided articles and reviews about nature spirituality from an African Indigenous Knowledge perspective.

Information Overload

Intuitive knowing is a powerful confirmation that we are indeed spiritual beings having a human experience. Especially if the number of profound synchronicities begin to stack up on a daily basis. The problem is that information overload can often times lead to confusion. Added to this there are individuals and groups who mislead those who follow them, either on social media or in person. They can do this in a number of ways: the most dangerous is the inexperienced opening of portals. Just because you have some knowledge of something, it does not mean that you should try it out on unsuspecting novices, who have not bothered to do their own research.

Who Are Your Teachers?

Your Teachers Do the Research To Make it Easy For You To Learn What You Need To Know All in One Place. All initiates should know that once you have been infused with the sacred knowledge of your tradition, you then need to initiate yourself, which is a lifetime endeavour. Whilst you are learning as a student teacher, the next step is to share some of what you know, at the request of your kindred community, who may also want to deepen their own spiritual practice. However, making something accessible, does not mean that you spoon feed your students, the information provided is usually a taster, which is ‘made simple’ for those who are on a self help transformation journey, to add to their research and cross reference with other teachers. Be reminded that it is a skill to condense complex knowledge systems, so that others can gain some access at a basic level. The best thing that non initiates' can do for themselves, is to do as much research as possible, before deciding to immerse themselves into their chosen sacred tradition.

A New Learning Platform Get on board or get left behind. 

Industry 4.0 has provided a great opportunity for home learning. If you are a luddite you might want to turn the clock back. If you are a responsible provider of knowledge, you should be well on your way to reaching a percentage of the 8 billion souls on our planet right now. To this end, Blue Water Family Academy is now online and you are invited to gain access to the training course to assist you on your journey into self help transformation. 

What is on offer?

The training courses are aimed at all those who want to deepen their spiritual practice and gently rebirth themselves into a new way of engaging with the world and with the spirits of nature. If you are interested in knowing more about the spirits of nature, from an African Indigenous Knowledge Perspective, but do not know where to start, send a message via the Academy contact page. If you are so inclined, you are welcome to enrol onto one or more of the available courses, and learn in the comfort of your own home.

Who is the course Creator?

The course creator is Amunet Hall, an award winning author of lessons in soul survival,  which is part of a series of fables infused with the spirits of nature. Amunet is a Podcast Presenter, a Community Libationer, an independent researcher of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems, who is mentioned in the Book Libation: An Afrikan Ritual of Heritage in the Circle of Life by Professor Kimani Nehusi. Amunet has presented academic papers internationally and has also delivered training in the UK, the Caribbean and Africa. Amunet is the lead consultant of Blue Water Family and has been supporting the global family with knowledge of self and the universe for several decades.

Looking Forward To Being Of Service

If you are interested in self help transformation from an African Indigenous Knowledge Perspective then Blue Water Family Academy is your school and Amunet will be your journey guide.

Next Steps

1. Go ahead, choose from one of the published courses

2. Add your name to the waiting list for the courses that are being created, with you in mind

3. Send us a message with your request for courses that you would like to be created to help you on your journey of self help transformation

Thank you in advance. 

Be Well And Look After Yourself.

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